About Us


The Social Collective is a Johannesburg-based social impact reporting software provider that specialises in practical, actionable, social impact measurement and outcome software solutions for a diverse range of organisations.


We proudly produce technology that helps our clients monitor their impact on people and organisations.


Our automated data collection, analysis, and reporting tools provide real-time insights for organisations that need to monitor and understand the impact of their initiatives and whether their actions are meeting objectives.


Our solutions are designed with the user in mind and provide easy, one-click access to interactive, dynamic, tailored reports.

Our Story

2013: Launch 'my hands and heart' with National Government

National Youth Service (NYS) of the National Youth Development Agency needed a volunteer opportunities database. The Social Collective built a tool that gave NGO staff members across the country, especially in rural communities, a digital tool to track social impact profiles.

2015: Launched 'The Social Collective' a tool to connect data and funders

Funders give NGOs funds and reporting requirements that are stringent. Unfortunately, most NGOs lacked the capability to meet the requirements,especially those related to impact. So we launched our own impact reporting tool, which simplified the application, monitoring, and reporting process. This makes it easy to collect data from thousands and beneficiaries across overtly, complex programmes.

2019: We could collect your data. But data needs Dashboards. Welcome to Susurate

Simplified impact dashboards and charts to showcase your impact.

2020: A special product for our Future. ECC (ECD Community Collective)

Building our country's future, we help ECD training partner coordinate reporting and process requirements

2020: Lockdown! How do we give? (Do-Nation)

With many calls to donate, we wanted to help clarify how the tax benefit works. We now offer a payroll-giving solution and a donation tax benefit calculator.

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