An Ode to our Youth

Ever smiling, vibrant and beautiful

As the younger generation, our youth are often not given the recognition or credit that is due.  Set to be the adult population of our future communities it’s time to invest, encourage and celebrate them in the way they so much deserve.


Ever smiling, vibrant and beautiful, they contribute to our society with their new perspectives and fresh approaches to that which adults have become so bored and jaded.  Demanding to be heard and to improve on the status quo, their intentions are pure although their methods sometimes out of the ordinary.


June is Youth month and we celebrate Youth Day on the 16th of June.  This is a great opportunity to reflect on our youth and their contribution, along with how we can aid in their development and growth.


There are a multitude of ways we can each contribute, a monetary donation to a youth cause will go a long way or a donation of food/clothing to a children’s home will surely be appreciated.  You may prefer to get involved on a more personal level, those inspirational smiles can certainly brighten your day and you will feel the love right from the start.   You could mentor a child to help with their school work or sports.  Volunteering at a youth cause initiative is an important contribution, most NGOs survive on the help you will be providing.


Most certainly, the most important contribution we can all make, that will not cost us anything or take anything for us, is to be a good role model for our youth within our own communities.  Our behavior serves as an inspiration to our youth and we each shoulder the responsibility of them looking up to us for guidance.   


Let our youth remind us how to smile again as we subscribe to their well-being this Youth Month – what will you do to contribute?

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