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Skills Development in B-BBEE

Under the amended B-BBEE codes, Skills Development makes up 25 points on the scorecard and is one of the priority elements. The skills development target-spend has increased to 6% of the leviable amount on the B-BBEE scorecard which is double what it used to be before.

For transformational change to happen, companies are required to go beyond simply ensuring compliance with national legislation or company policy. How does a company measure an impact in the life of a learner?

Barries in measuring impact may include storing, managing, structuring and interpreting data correctly.

Reporting for Compliance or Creating Shared Value

Understanding the power of data requires a solution which is able to collate the disparate data in one place and provide the flexibility required to draw more accurate reports on individual learners, identify trends, and highlight challenges that can be addressed more effectively. How might a cloud system be able to assist?

Access to information is the most critical aspect of assuring companies that their skills development initiatives are having a meaningful impact on the intended recipients. If you can see the results of your programme, you have the ability to tweak unnoticed activities which can go a long way in your impact story.

Monitoring and Evaluation and


Stakeholders no longer need to be left in the dark. Skills Development demands a substantial budget and the appropriate Monitoring and Evaluation is no longer a nice to have. With an increased focus on B-BBEE and tighter legislation in the coming years, monitoring and evaluation of B-BBEE practices will come under scrutiny. Organisations are to act quickly to ensure that they not only report on what they have done, but can provide an audit trail on the efforts.

Implementation Partners
Learners and Families

A powerful centralised system

Monitoring and Evaluation tools are an integral component to measure your return on investment. The Social Collective provides solutions and services to help Bursary Programmes manage the data process, by allowing you to record and report on student results with a trends feature to monitor their performance over time. 

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