Due Diligence Packs

Features >  Custom Due Diligence Forms with Smart Alerts and Reminders As companies expand their operations and partnerships, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that proper due diligence is conducted on potential business partners and vendors. However, managing the process of creating and verifying due diligence forms can be time-consuming […]

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Custom Settings

Features >  Custom Settings, ESG Reporting for your unique process, business and initiatives Learn how your portal can be customisation with over 100 settings available. Setup your unique program and initiative reporting and Due Diligence Process Modules, Features to empower your ESG Landscape Impact Reporting – Charts, Dashboards, Impact Indicators; […]

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Target Setting

Setting Targets Feature Setting Targets for your Impact Indicators Target setting tool, which allows you to set Impact indicators performance targets, which can scale and adapt to your implementation partner results Advantages: Gives more flexibility in competitive funding bids Benefits: Platform allows you to measure your impact over timese this […]

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Custom Look And Feel

In this week’s release we have started publishing a refreshed design.
Brining you a more custom looks and feel. With the newer design framework pages will load faster, use less bandwidth and are even more customisable.
The changes are being slowly released onto your platform, existing functionality will not be affected even if a few pages start to look and feel different.

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