Celebrating Africa

As we celebrate Africa we have much to be proud of

As we celebrate Africa month we have much to be proud of.   Our majestic continent, one of the largest land masses on earth measures 30.37 million sq km in total and covers 20% of the earth’s land area.  Marked by natural beauty, wide open spaces and abundant wildlife, the vibrant continent leaves one with a feeling of freedom and wonder, even if only after a short stay. With 9 deserts and 22.7% of the continent under forest, mountainous regions alongside enormous, expansive flat plains; Africa is truly a land of contrast.  


With our focus turned to Africa this Africa month,  we look forward to Africa Day, celebrated on the 25th of May. At a local level, nation building,  our sustainability and our prosperity are unavoidably intertwined.  Starting at a community level, the upliftment of our society is each of our responsibility and an imperative if we want to thrive.  Buying locally is a great option.  In all our supermarkets there are round, red stickers on products identifying them as made locally.  As we invest in ourselves, so will we grow and prosper. 


Looking north and beyond, we are celebrating our unity as a continent and our ability to stand together, through any adversity.  African culture is unique and diverse.  Our  rich heritage has blessed our land with African art and cultural products that are vibrant, bursting with color and true reflection of the talent of the people of our continent.  Admired and prized internationally, let’s work towards increased  trade within our continent’s borders.   Where to find these items?  Vendors are open to trade in most areas,  prices are competitive and the quality is excellent.  A piece of African art in your home will bring it to life and show your heritage off well to any house guest.  There are numerous art galleries in our city centers displaying works from African artists.  If you have a bit more to spend, why not acquire a gallery piece? It will be a great conversion started at your next party.  


On a broader scale, next time you are sourcing a service or goods for your job or business, look to other African countries as options. Our continent holds talent that rivals any, and you are sure to fulfill your needs.  


Local is lekker and African is better!  Let’s do all we can to support our beautiful content this Africa month.

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