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Custom Settings, ESG Reporting for your unique process, business and initiatives

Learn how your portal can be customisation with over 100 settings available. Setup your unique program and initiative reporting and Due Diligence Process

Modules, Features to empower your ESG Landscape

Impact Reporting - Charts, Dashboards, Impact Indicators; Participants Attendance Reports; Due Diligence, from Moderation to smart reminders; Donations Management

Participant Reporting

Moderation, Reporting, Attendees self-reporting, Custom per participant fields, custom data types, link fields to the type of activities, targeted invitations, types of activities, outcomes, custom naming

Impact Reporting

Custom Naming, Graph brand colours, allowed currencies (for conversation in reporting), Approvals, and show/hide pending data


Require complete profiles, allow new profiles, allow editing, show outstanding reports on profiles, auto-trends analysis. Demographics info settings, custom profile fields. Group Administrator, custom based rights access

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