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Custom Due Diligence Forms with Smart Alerts and Reminders

As companies expand their operations and partnerships, it becomes increasingly important to ensure that proper due diligence is conducted on potential business partners and vendors. However, managing the process of creating and verifying due diligence forms can be time-consuming and prone to human error.

ONGOING Due Diligence

That's where our new feature comes in. With Custom Due Diligence Forms, companies can now create tailored due diligence forms that fit their unique needs and requirements. These forms can be customized with various fields and questions, ensuring that all necessary information is captured during the due diligence process.

Time based Alerts

But that's not all - our forms also come equipped with smart alerts and reminders. This means that users will receive notifications when a form is incomplete or requires additional information. They can also set reminders for themselves or other team members to ensure that forms are completed and submitted on time.

Packs for Approvers

Custom In addition, our Custom Due Diligence Forms can be grouped into packs for easy management. These packs can then be sent to compliance and due diligence managers for easy approval and verified due diligence. This streamlines the process of managing due diligence forms, making it faster and more efficient. , Graph brand colours, allowed currencies (for conversation in reporting), Approvals, and show/hide pending data

Faster and More Efficient Process

Our feature streamlines the process of managing due diligence forms, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

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