A Program and Project Agnostic System


Core Software Features

Custom Software

Database Management

Knowledge base

Targeted Invites: Algorithm which suggests user invite lists

Settings: Powerful Setting Panel

Custom Content Pages

Welcome wizard - guide your users through custom steps

RSS Feeds

RSVP, with or without note

Private or public Activities

Advanced search

Overview Pages: Map, Calendar and List views

Automated Generated Title Creation

Dynamic Roles and Privileges

Country or Custom User Roles

Notification Controls


Reporting Features

Customisable Report Capture

Data Dashboards

Activity/Session Planning and Approvals

Export Reports to Excel

Financial Contribution Reporting

Attendance Management and Reporting

Individual Community Member Trends

Powerful Individual Profiles

Data Management: Importing & Exporting

Program-me: Algorithm to track member progress

R.I.S.E: Algorithm to rank administrative users

Detailed and Custom Reports

Revenue Generation Capabilities

Financial Planning and Contributions Reporting

Attendee Self Reporting: SMS to link

GIS Google Maps Integration - with Map Views

Type of Activities Control for Reporting Categories

Detailed Custom Data Mapping with integrated reporting

Key Metrics Monitoring

Historic Views and Reports


Stakeholder Features

Direct and Instant Feedback (SMS to Link)

Demographic profiling

Communication: Automated Email and SMS Reminders

Partner Database Manager: Suppliers, Implementer, NGO, Beneficiary, Schools, etc


Due Diligence Features

Moderation and Approval, custom controls

Performance: Trainee, Community member, staff, or beneficiaries

Custom Form Creation: Site Visits and Compliance

Smart Rules: Alerts for renewals


Hosting - Cloud and Security

Cloud Solution (custom hosting available)

Cloud Document Storage

Security Control: auto logout, social media, lock out rules

Full API: AD FS and Mobile App Ready

Constantly Evolving to meet tomorrow Requirements

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