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Sustainability Reporting

“ESG” is a term frequently used in a variety of different industries at present. It represents pillars of an Environmental, Social and Governance perspectives, which collectively represent ESG and fundamentally, Sustainability reporting. 

Shared Value

ESG is a field that is emerging and is showing to have more and more value based on the shared values that it depicts for investors. It reveals similar or convergent corporate behaviours on the environmental, social and governance fronts. Therefore, although there is an overlapping factor which is the environment, each industry has certain nuances that it requires as good practice for the moment. 

Measuring your Progress


The “E” in ESG is related to the environment and encompasses climate change, waste management and in the South African environment, the management of emissions through Carbon Tax through regulations. The “S” refers to social aspects of sustainability that are elements such as health and safety, CSI, community relations as examples. Lastly, the “G” refers to governance and relates to aspects of board structure, legislation, risk management, corporate behaviour and best practice as examples.

Scorecards: Transformation and B-BBEE

Sustainability Reporting

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Susurate is The Social Collective’s Sustainability offering, suggests a stance on the environmental pillar of ESG in the South African setting, and gives the opportunity to customise according to the respective sector for the Social and Governance Pillars. Therefore, showcasing the unique indicators of each industry and company while adhering to core themes in Social and Governance of ESG

Frameworks and Indicators

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