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Financial reporting on Sustainability and Engagement

Getting staff, beneficiaries and trainees involved is becoming an increasingly integral part of community engagement, social projects and laws; where companies are now required to start reporting on these softer indices in annual sustainability reports.

The Social Collective has an interesting approach in ensuring this important data is captured. We can help Companies That Care move forward, by making reports through an easy to follow process that simply makes sense. You and your team can carry out an evaluation on the program, based on how the program budget is being spent across categories such as organisations, types of activities, focus areas, locations and times of the year. Paying attention to these trends will help you to better forecast resource needs for future events, saving you valuable time.

Part of this is ensuring the B-BBEE and Section 18A certificates are loaded and stored just where you need them; this allows engagement and admin teams to add value to the legal requirements of companies.