Impact Reporting

An innovative reporting solution for sustainability

Our impact reporting tool shows your impact using detailed data and  dashboards. It is an innovative reporting solution for sustainability, corporate responsibility and transformation.


We started with social impact data. Now, we help with environmental and governance data and more.



How can our impact reporting help you? 


Custom Data Visualizations

Data with Indicators/Goals/KPIs

Tell Your Transformation Story

Your organisation is unique and your reporting should be too. Gather insights easily by looking at your KPI’s, indicators, objectives, and compliances goals in simple and new ways.  Impress your team or funders with custom dashboards and graphs.

If you have a set of data points, we will help you manage these to collect more accurate data. If you do not have a data structure, we will help you get started on your data journey.

We know data and data managemnt for impact reporting well. Our aim is to help you have live access to your data across business units, beneficiaries of interventions and participants. Use it to tell stories of impact, sustainability and other areas which might be having a significant impact.







Trusting a data tool with your data can be daunting. Our support team are here to assist every step of the way. 

Discover how we could help you with your impact reporting