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Services for Individuals

We offer multiple platforms for contexts and communities under the umbrella of people doing good and improving themselves – along side with companies that are investing and place value of data.

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I want to learn a skill – Volunteering

There is a nasty cycle in the job market that often seems impossible to break: you need experience to be hired, but until you are hired you have no experience. It is time to break it. Significant research has demonstrated that volunteering experience makes a person more employable which is why we have developed a system to match you with volunteer opportunities that will teach you valuable skills. You can create Social Employability Profile which allows you to subscribe to organisations and be notified of opportunities that you think will teach you something. Previous volunteers post their stories and feedback about the organisation so you can be sure that your time will be well spent. Your profile also allows you to track your contributions and accomplishments so that you can demonstrate to future employers exactly how your experience has made you employable.

I have a skill I want to contribute

Providing others the chance to benefit from a skill that has benefited you in the past could not be a more fulfilling and productive use of your time. Maybe you would like to mentor kids struggling in a school subject you love, or use management techniques you acquired in your job to help an NGO execute an event. By creating a profile, you can subscribe to organisations that interest you and so be notified of opportunities and events where you think your skills will be most useful.

I want to develop my skills – Internships

Having acquired a skill set or discovered a new field of interest through volunteering, an internship can help you specialize. Perhaps after volunteering, a specific company interests you or a certain type of employment; an internship is your chance to learn how to apply your skills in a real work environment. Organisations will publish their internship opportunities on our portal, and by subscribing to those organisations you will be notified when these opportunities become available. Having a well-developed Social Employability Profile that has tracked your volunteer experience and the skills you have acquired, will significantly improve your chances of an employer selecting you as an intern.

I want to develop my skills – Microjobs

Microjobs get you acquainted with an organisation and give you the chance to prove your reliability, one task at a time. Microjobs will expand your network, allow you to practice a variety of soft and hard skills, and ultimately find permanent employment. Having a Social Employability Profile allows you to subscribe to organisations seeking people to complete microjobs for them. Using this Profile to find microjobs will make employers much likelier to accept you for a task as your listed volunteer experience will establish that you are dependable and hardworking, traits that can be difficult to demonstrate.

I am a South African student

As your degree comes to a close, you will realise that your marks will likely not be enough to get you the job you want. Many students leave university and feel forced to accept jobs for which they are overqualified because they do not have any experience that employers are looking for. We will work with you and your university to help you get a head start on the job market with volunteer experience that can teach you valuable skills to make you more employable. Create a profile to learn of volunteer opportunities from organisations you subscribe to in your field of study and see stories and feedback from previous volunteers so you can be sure that your time will be well spent.

Contact us here – we’d love to hear from you. If you have not already create a profile to get started or sign in here.