Never Miss Out with Calendar Integration

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Time is gold.

Here at The Social Collective, time is highly valued. In fact, our services, lessen the time-consuming activities your organisation might unknowingly be doing. We help you focus more on your administrative functions by offering a highly specialized monitoring and evaluation digital solution.

Effective planning — accompanied by well-timed reminders — help you manage what you need to get done. The Calendar Integration helps you and your colleagues by ensuring you never forget or miss any opportunity or activity. You can see all the events you organised or signed up for in your very own calendar.

The Social Collective platform sends an automated email once you have counted into an opportunity. The email comes with a .ics (calendar) file. Once you click on the attachment, the event will be added to your calendar.

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The calendar entry includes:

  • Title of the opportunity
  • Date
  • Time
  • Opportunity description
  • Location

All users who volunteered for an opportunity receive an email for any date changes.

Start integrating your events and opportunity with your calendars now.



A Highly Specialized Monitoring and Evaluation Digital Solution

Here at The Social Collective, we care about the nature and details behind of your impact reports.

If you need custom reporting, our solution can help you manage your attendees, feedback, and custom report data. Every month, you will receive automatic email updates about your programme’s performance.

Aside from the automatic emails, you can also communicate easily via SMS and email prompts, for RSVPs, reminders, and especially, reporting.

Not only that, our software can adapt to your business needs and requirements. You can relax by working with a tried and tested framework.

So just sit tight and see the magic happen.

Try us with our free trial for you. Together, let us manage your network community engagement activities.