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    Community Engagement Tracking Solution

    If your business involves people in the field, beneficiaries, or trainer-trainee system, you can benefit from the web tools offered by The Social Collective:

    • Collection
    • Storage
    • Data Reporting

    With these tools, you receive real-time views of activity and performance of your organization with ease via one portal. These views, in turn, provide you with insights to execute decisions quickly and steer your organization’s direction better.


    CSI, Project Management, and Implementation

    In case you need more tools, The Social Collective also offers integrated reporting and feedback for Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and employee engagement (training and volunteering).

    • Reporting on CSI Initiatives (including supporting documents such as BEE and SED)
    • Financial Contributions Reporting
    • Hours validation and feedback on engagements
    • Beneficiary details collection and secure storage

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    We want to help you achieve your engagement goals by our technology and consulting support services. We offer a free trial for you. Together, let us manage your network community engagement activities and reach your goals.



    The Social Collective

    BEE Status: The Social Collective is a BEE Level 2 BEE EME Company and a BBBEE Level 2 Compliant Specialist Software and Consulting.


    Making Monitoring and Evaluation More Meaningful for Individuals and Organizations


    World Recognition

    The Social Collective was selected as a winner in the Coca-Cola Shaping a Better Future Challenge 2014 at The World Economic Forum in Davos.

    The company was selected for its focus of using technology to improve the employability of youth. While upscaling the impact the team tapped into insight around M&E, where little synergy and data exists and is accessible to organizations implementing programmes for funders.

    The Social Collective has since rolled out the solution with organizations to centralize and standardize reporting and programme performance.


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