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Personal and Team Development Tracking

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The truth:

You can’t improve and develop what you don’t measure.

People, as well as teams, sometimes fail in achieving their goals and objectives for the sole reason of losing sight of what they want to achieve.

Here are ways of how tracking helps in goal setting and development:

  • Focus: Tracking your progress helps you stay focused on what you need to achieve. Assuming you have a plan in place to achieve your goals, tracking helps you see what needs to be done to move onward.
  • Avoid being overwhelmed: Tracking your progress makes thing easier since you’re able to break big tasks into smaller, easier, and manageable steps. You won’t feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of what you or your team wants to achieve.
  • Minimize failures: If you have a record of what works and what doesn’t, you minimize the failures you’d probably encounter in the future. But this would only happen if you work and track at the same time.
  • Time Span: When you track your progress, you know what else you need to do with respect to how much time has passed and how much remains. At the same time, regular tracking helps you know if the steps and actions you took lead you closer to your goal.
  • Efficient work and avoid distractions: Tracking requires discipline. One way or another, you and or someone in your team has to make an effort to track your progress. That same discipline helps you work efficiently as well as recognize and avoid distractions.
  • Insights and prioritization: One of the best ways how tracking helps in development is it gives you a better insight about your progress, plans, and how well you’re doing in general. It gives you a better understanding of what you can do to improve further and prioritize what works.

The problem is:

Tracking is sometimes a hassle for some. The larger the team or the programme you have to track the more work there is to be done.

This is the part where many people fail.

This is why we at The Social Collective devised a way to help you track the development and progress of your team, volunteers, and programmes.


Program-me: Personal and Team Development Tracking App

program-me feature in action

Program-me is an app inside The Social Collective platform that visualizes how users and programmes are doing in regards to the goals set.

It’s a handy feature useful in training and tracking progress where users can see how close they are to accomplishing the programme’s overall objectives and deliverables.

What’s great is that you can even put in a start and end date to put a deadline on your program-me.

With the Program-me app, you can set up goals for:

  • Activities
  • Hours
  • Skills
  • Users

If you’re still using Excel as a means of tracking your team or programme’s progress, it’s now time for you to move away and take it easy.


Simply give people a profile and the app would track how they are doing with a particular programme and even identify hindrances along the way.

Here is how Program-me overview page looks like:

the look of the overview page of program-me

Notice how it simplifies the rather complex programs? In addition, you get a clear picture of how the programme is doing, what was achieved, and how much time remains.

Here is a linear view of the progress of your community members:

linear view of their progress program-me

The target-based algorithms help place your community members in this view. You can sort out to see who’s ahead, who’s way behind, and many more.

Want to get your hands on it? No worries, you can try The Social Collective for free. Just fill out the form below the page and you’re on your way.


A Highly Specialized Monitoring and Evaluation Digital Solution

Here at The Social Collective, we care about the nature and details behind of your impact reports.

If you need custom reporting, our solution can help you manage your attendees, feedback, and custom report data. Every month, you will receive automatic email updates about your programme’s performance.

Aside from the automatic emails, you can also communicate easily via SMS and email prompts, for RSVPs, reminders, and especially, reporting.

Not only that, our software can adapt to your business needs and requirements. You can relax by working with a tried and tested framework.

So just sit tight and see the magic happen.

Try us with our free trial for you. Together, let us manage your network community engagement activities.