A complete reporting process without the need for a technical team

The Social Collective use Case

Many ESG and Social Impact Teams don’t have or desire to have the full-scale technical team it takes to run the backend of a complete reporting system.  Working with large amounts of data takes technical muscle and this can be expensive.


Cited amongst many of our clients as a major solution to this issue is that in Susurate, entire parts of the reporting process are automated, thereby eliminating the need for much of a technical teams manual input and freeing up valuable resources to allocate to the crucial parts of interventions, like how many children can be fed from monthly donations, the tax implications of our carbon footprint, or managing nett zero emissions for 2050.


The Social Collectives development teams have set up the Susurates automated system, so now our clients can enjoy the benefits of developed and automated reporting functions, without having the need for a technical team themselves.  Program data can be collected and stored in a secure manner which is a large portion of a Monitoring and Evaluation professionals job and data analytics insights are easily accessible to a layman, normally a complex role suited to an IT professional. 

the social collective

Companies can spend up to 6.9% of their revenue on their IT departments, a huge percentage considering the profit ratio of the average healthy business sits at only between 7-10%.

This type of expenditure is true for any organization running programs and reporting on them, including NGOs.   In the case where an NGO has a technical team in place, with Susurate they can now go about cost cutting and spending more where it counts.


Susurate provides an affordable solution to accurate and effective reporting. Easy access to indicators, charts, reports, all displayed on user-friendly dashboards with absolutely no technical knowledge required to gain access, is now possible in Susurate. 


Susurate offers four tiers of options, dependent on an organization’s individual reporting needs and priced accordingly. 

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