Attendance and Automated Averages

The Social Collective Use Case


The Social Collective Social impact reporting software successfully solved some complex problems, therefore it was a winning intervention. Due to the use of the software the program saw better results.

It was a detailed and multiplex program trying to solve systemic education issues which arose from a struggling educational system and gaps in ECD (Early Childhood Development). 

The client requirements were extremely demanding on the granularity of the data required, justifiably we agreed! It is complex and requires thoughtful insight and effective resolution.  

Our software simplified this. Let’s see how…

A Breakdown of another successful project by the Social Collective

As you can see on the image below, the ‘marks’ or the trend view of how the participant is improving over time, this gives our clients a neat overview of the most important aspects, is X member improving at Y outcome. i.e. Home Language scores are up by 13%:

This is not possible without activities which support these outcomes.  Maybe this is in attendance, assuming these participants need to show up to the intervention for the program to achieve the desired results.

In this case (and there are a host of options), the client completed a daily attendance register on the Social Collective software, and then this automatically provided a summary of some of the key KPIs as you can see in the image below:

Then with the Social Collective’s SMART Indicators, they took it a step further:

SMART indicators are mathematical calculations which can be setup by our clients and help automate some key scoring and dynamic indicators, in this case they were reflected as:

  • Which then makes analysis a pleasure!  See below, a simplified view and a better system which will ensure better results for your program.

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