Simple and consistent Impact Indicators (KPIs) to measure the results which matter

The Social Collective Use Case

This set of interventions’ purpose was to feed hungry children through supporting over 250 ECD sites.   With a substantial budget of four million USD, it was a large, composite intervention and so involved considerable amounts of data where accuracy was important. The Social Collective could easily handle the size and scope, therefore it was only a matter of implementation.

The Social Collective’s contribution

Firstly, the client introduced monthly reporting, via The Social Collective, and could immediately and consistently collect improved power data points:

the social collective

The children involved in the intervention could now be analyzed more accurately. As reflected in the screenshot below, analysis based on the context of the impact indicator.  Subsequently, this changed the game for the client as they could now measure, monitor and take action based on fact.  Educated decisions were now possible, thereby bringing the entire intervention onto a new level of recognition. 

the social collective

After the client implemented, note in the screenshot below that due diligence was improved and that budget and contracts are updated (or fixed).  Thereby,  achieving the desired impact result:

the social collective

This has translated into a major cost saving for the client and more trustworthy data.  This means improved transparency for the intervention and therefore a more favorable outcome.   Proper reporting contributes to reputation building and enables a better chance of success for any intervention.  

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