The Social Collective is a purpose-led software company, specialising in sustainable impact.

Digital Monitoring and Evaluation

The Social Collective provides the solutions companies need to extract value from their data, through Monitoring and Evaluation (Impact Reporting), to ultimately quantify the impact of programmes and efforts in the fields of impact and sustainability. Our cloud based solutions assist organisations to effectively reflect impact.

We provide Impact Reporting Services

Using our core software solutions, you can achieve your impact and sustainability goals. Even better, view your impact in real time.




Beneficiary Managment

Compliance Documentation

Keeping track of applications, implementation and reporting in relation to funding or donations while ensuring the correct supporting documentation is updated. All via an easy to use and supported online portal.

Exco level reporting

Spend, Stats and Impact

From day to day admin, to Sustainability goal alignment. Community is critical for business in the 2020’s. We help keep Trusts, Boards and Exco members informed.


data analysis & benchmarking

Data Collection and Management

We provide a secure online portal, with data verification controls in place. Keep your data safe with our solutions. Your data can now be clearly compared to tell your impact story.

monitoring and evaluation

Programmes, Initiatives and Projects

Solutions to track all programme types. If your data needs to show impact, we are the solution. 

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Monthly Monitoring with the Add Hope Feeding Programme

Add Hope delivers it national feeding programme through Implementation partners who roll our multiple types of programs with multiple indicators.
The team needed to replace an M&E system which managed applications and reporting processes. The Social Collective has help the programme save on expenses by giving a view of the outputs on financial investments.
Impact has increased through using The Social Collective’s powerful M&E system.
Key features include: Beneficiary Applications, Automated Compliance Documentation Collection, Site Visit toolkits, Impact dashboards.

Telkom Foundation

The Social Collective unlocks value delivered by Telkom Foundation’s schools programme

Even though the Telkom Foundation receives a significant amount of data from the government and its training partner pertaining to the 12 schools it supports, it has been unable to examine it on a learner level to determine whether the project can be considered a success. Fundamentally, this required a solution able to collate the disparate data in one place and provide the flexibility required to draw more accurate reports on individual learners, identity trends, and highlight challenges that can be addressed more effectively.


“We believe that our clients must be able to see the data for what it is and more accurately determine whether the resources they invest in a programme are benefitting its participants. At the Telkom Foundation, it is imperative to highlight the good work being done and the discernible impact their project is having on the lives of learners. Essentially, we are giving them the platform necessary to show the difference they are making and getting their employees to care about what they are doing on a more connected, personal level,”


“We are passionate about assisting our clients see the value their investments are having for those who need it most. As has been the case with the Telkom Foundation project, it is giving them insights into measuring the efficacy of the investment and seeing it translate into a real-world improvement in learners’ pass rates,” concludes Luke.


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Our Solutions

We build smart systems which help our clients innovate with their programs. Our core technology solves the community-stakeholder-reporting mismatch. We are passionate about creating great user experiences.


Impact, Sustainability, and Transformation Data


The future of Payroll giving
and donations


The future of Payroll giving and donations


Youth Volunteer Portal, with the National Youth Development Agency.




A management system for CSI and CSR Teams. Covering: Volunteerism, Training, Donations and networks

Custom Implementations

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We help our clients get the data they need.

  • Hours and Skills
  • Donation Due Diligence
  • Impact Monitoring

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Customisation allows you to be creative within a proven framework. We guide our customers to reach new heights.

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