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We manage client Data for CSI, CSR, Sustainability, Impact Reporting and Transformation.
For JSE listed Companies and NGOs

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Digital Monitoring and Evaluation

We started out 8 years ago, with the intent to assist NGOs with their technology needs. We now work with our clients across Africa to Monitor and Report on their programs, intentions and custom needs.

Impact Reporting

Data driven Monitoring and Evaluation. For projects involving impact, people (communities and stakeholders) and budgets with a level of scale.

Live Data Dashboards

The future of Evaluation in M&E. No more annual PDFs - get live Impact / Sustainability / Transformation / Integrated Reports

Employee Volunteerism

By working closely with NGOs and companies, we help make more meaningful connections.

Payroll Giving

The future of Donations. We manage Section 18A certificates for our clients.

Youth Volunteering

A volunteer database backed by National Government. Young People discover volunteer opportunities which help improve their employability.


With UCT and WITS we have built solutions which streamline practical learning, with a focus on tracking and validating learning encounters.

Custom Projects

We consider projects which seek to use data to improve the world. If this is your project, please contact us. We manage data, systems, development, networks and processes.

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We support over 350 000 users

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The Social collective team are our key partners in the conceptualisation and implementation of our employee volunteer program

Anastazia Sitenda
CSI Manager, PwC
The Social Collective links our head office to what is happening out there in the field. It's also adjustable and flexible.

Carla-Jo Barry
Avocado Vision, Operations Manager

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Impact, Sustainability, and Transformation Data


The future of Payroll giving and donations

Tracking how Students become Doctors, via a simple Mobile App to track activities

A management system for CSI and CSR Teams. Covering: Volunteerism, Training, Donations and networks

Youth Volunteer Portal, with the National Youth Development Agency.

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Our Solutions

We build smart systems which help our clients innovate with their programs.

Our core technology solves the community-stakeholder-reporting mismatch.

We are passionate about creating great user experiences.

Solve the paper and engagement problem

Reporting. Now

We help our clients get the data they need.

  • Hours and Skills
  • Donation Due Diligence
  • Impact Monitoring

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Innovative. Your way

Customisation allows you to be creative within a proven framework. We guide our customers to reach new heights.

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