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"The Coca-Cola Company  awarded a $10,000 grant."

Social Collective receiving a start-up grant in at 2014, The World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland

From a Government Commission to a Global Mission: The Founding of Social Collective

In the early days, we were a small but driven group of data enthusiasts with a vision of using technology to make a difference in the world. Our focus was social impact, and our goal was to create a system that could efficiently and accurately track and report on the impact of social initiatives. We knew that with the right information, governments, non-profit organizations, and private entities could make informed decisions that could drive real, meaningful change. However, we also knew that obtaining that information was often the most significant barrier.

The breakthrough came when the Government commissioned us to build the National Youth Service Database. This was an exciting opportunity to apply our technology and expertise to a cause we were passionate about - empowering the youth. The project involved collecting and managing a vast amount of data related to youth services nationwide, a task that seemed daunting but exciting to our small team.

Today, we stand proud as a leader in social impact software reporting. But we have never forgotten our roots

The National Youth Service Database was not just a project; it was the starting point of our journey, the catalyst that transformed our small data-focused group into a team with a mission to maximize the sustainable impact of the world's ESG investments. It continues to remind us of the transformative power of data and the importance of our work

A unique solution

Our work was able to attract customers who shared the reporting issue. With this, we started to evolve.

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Our History

As we delved into the project, we quickly realized the massive impact our software could have. The data we collected helped the Government make informed decisions about funding and policies related to youth services. It was our first glimpse into the potential of our technology, and it drove us to think bigger.

Encouraged by the success of the National Youth Service Database, we saw an opportunity to expand our horizons. Our mission evolved from building a database for one specific purpose to creating a universal Social Impact Software Reporting System. We realized that our technology could be applied to any sector, from education to healthcare to the environment, that required impact reporting.

The journey was not easy. There were countless challenges, from securing funding to refining our algorithms. But each challenge only solidified our resolve. We knew that our work could change the way organizations approached social impact, and we were determined to make our vision a reality.

2015 Version... Nostalgia

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and Today...

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