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Customisable Cloud Impact Portal

Efficiently Enhancing Stakeholder Management, Reporting, and Evaluation

Detailed Settings

Our solution streamlines tracking of funding applications, implementation, and reporting while maintaining updated supporting documents. This is facilitated through an intuitive, user-friendly online portal, backed by robust customer support.

  • Active Features
  • Custom Look and Feel
  • New User Customizable Sign up process
  • Custom Pages

Secure Cloud

Leverage our secure online portal, fortified with stringent data verification controls, to safeguard your data. With our solution, your data not only remains secure but also becomes readily comparable, enabling you to articulate your impact story more effectively.

  • SSO Compatible (Single Sign On)
  • Security Controls and Activity Logs
  • Detailed Administration Levels and Approval Rights

Impact Reporting

From daily management to strategic oversight, our tool ensures businesses align with Sustainability, Corporate Citizenship, and Community objectives. We provide stakeholders with validated data, crucial for informed decision-making in internal impact matrix reporting.

  • Approval and Moderation Controls
  • GPS Location Reporting
  • Impact Charts

Impact Reporting


Custom Online Portal


Data Validation