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We offer a software subscription supported by unique impact reporting services and hosting support

AI Indicators

From: R1099.00/month

Shared, low cost portal for reporting on the basics
  • Centralised impact indicators

  • Set targets and track performance with projections

  • Financial indicators, offering support for a wide range of currencies and custom exchange rates
  • Smart indicators allow for continuous automated mathematical calculations

Impact Reporting

From: R14,999.00/month

Create your very own portal for all your groundbreaking initiatives
  • Support for multiple initiatives, stakeholders and indicators
  • Due Diligence for automated compliance

  • Custom Impact dashboards
  • Connect stakeholders for easy data collection

Full Portal

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A dedicated Impact Portal an database
  • Custom branding custom naming and dedicated portal

  • Custom security support for IT governance controls
  • Professionals support

All plans include

Impact reporting and dashboards in a centralised location

  • User Profiles

    Supported by Organisation profiles

  • Sessions Reporting

    Events, Activities, and Attendance Reporting ​
  • Secure Cloud

    AWS Secure Cloud environment for your data

  • Impact Reporting

    Chart to help you build your next impact report

  • Automated Reminders

    Let the system free up your time, it collect data for you

  • Constant updates

    Weekly updates improve your ability to achieve your impact targets

Impact Reporting Support

Data Manager level of support for your Impact Reports. Volume discount offered up to 80% off

Pricing is per initiative per reporting organisation


From: R99/month

Some key features
  • Impact Indicators Library
  • Dynamic Targets
  • Program Performance Prediction
  • M&E Chart Builder

  • Alerts, Reminders and Deadlines

M&E Analytics

From: R364/month

Some key features
  • Indicator building support
  • Chart and Dashboard building support

Data Manager

From: R3500/month

Some key features
  • Data and unit verification
  • Target Setting Support

  • End-user support

  • Narrative of report writing

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Frequently asked questions

Learn about how we fit into your company

Is the offering a solution service or portal

The social collective school offering is a cloud portal. The portal empowers your users to build impact reports. Additional services allow us to help you achieve your desired impact dashboards.

We have existing data and existing systems and data. Is it compatible?

Yes, The Social Collective solution brings all the impact data into a single view. We are able to integrate into your existing systems, data and processes.

Is my data secure?

We operate under sucked to security standards and undergo regular data audits. Ensure your data is secure and compliant.

We offer several locations to host your data, and offer custom data security packages.

Can you show me what the system can do?

We offer a free trial, computer free trial form and we will put together a sample of how the system will solve your impact reporting problems.