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Use AI to automate your Impact Reporting. Increase your impact 10x

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AI is changing everything. Avoid greenwashing by leveraging powerful automation processes.

Forget the manual work. Forget monitoring and evaluation frameworks. Forget fighting with chart builders and structuring data correctly. Forget the time spent loading due diligence folders to client systems and keep them in the correct folders.


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10 years ago we helped social impacts move from paper to databases. Now our AI system will solve your complex impact reporting problems.

Our AI technology is designed to transform your project or initiative outlines into a comprehensive theory of change, complete with meticulously calculated indicators expressed in precise numerical values and units for dependable, monthly reporting accuracy. This intelligent system maps out the data, highlighting the effects and automating the intricacies of the advanced monitoring and evaluation landscape, empowering you to secure swift, measurable outcomes.



Who is the AI Model for?

Efficiently Enhancing Stakeholder Management, Reporting, and Evaluation



Applications, due diligence, monthly reporting and quarterly reporting performance receive a new and proven methodology.


Learning indicators, collecting data consistently, and representing the correct essence of the impacts on which you are to report to multiple funders.

M&E Consultants

Quickly and easily draw up monitoring and evaluation theories of change, indicators and data structures which will enable sustainable data and chart dashboard rebuilding processes