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Elevate Your Impact Reporting: Unleash the Power of Data with Our Free Trial

Welcome to a revolution in impact reporting! Our platform goes beyond just generating indicators using AI; it transforms your project's data into a compelling narrative, backed by visually appealing charts. If you're responsible for reporting on monitoring and evaluation frameworks, our Free Trial is your ticket to effortless and impactful reporting.

🚀 Transformative Reports, Effortless Insights

Experience a paradigm shift in reporting. If you're currently managing a project and want to simplify the reporting process, our trial is designed for you. Elevate your reports without compromising on visual appeal, onboarding processes, or collaboration among team members.

📊 Explore Dashboard Templates

Unlock a variety of pre-designed dashboard templates tailored to different project scopes. Customize reports effortlessly, saving you time while ensuring your data tells a compelling story.

🌐 Tailored Solutions for Organizations

For organizations managing multiple reporting sites and diverse data sources, our Full Platform is your comprehensive solution. If you report to numerous stakeholders and need an all-encompassing impact reporting database, seize the opportunity with our Free Trial.


Learn More: Two-Month Opt-In Scoping and Demo Solution

Our Free Trial isn't just a taste; it's a transformative experience. With a two-month opt-in scoping and demo solution, immerse yourself in the potential of our platform. Transform your initiative, framework, or indicators into a powerful and sustainable impact dashboard. Set targets and track performance effortlessly with our user-friendly trial.


Which Free Trial is for you?

AI Indicators

AI Indicators

Generate impact indicators using our artificial intelligence systems. This tool is designed for users responsible for reporting on monitoring and evaluation frameworks, transforming your project's initiative program into comprehensive data and visually appealing charts.

Impact Report

Impact Report

If you already have a project in place and are receiving feedback from various stakeholders or departments, and you don't mind compromising on the visual appeal, onboarding processes, and utilization by other team members, give this trial a go.

Custom Portal

Custom Portal

For organisations with a wide reach and diverse data sources, our Full Platform offers a solution that goes above and beyond. If you find yourself managing more than five reporting sites and reporting to over five stakeholders, and if you're in need of an exceptionally comprehensive impact reporting database, then don't miss out on our Free Trial.



Efficiently Enhancing Stakeholder Management, Reporting, and Evaluation


Our solution streamlines tracking of funding application, implementation, and reporting while maintaining updated supporting documents. This is facilitated through an intuitive, user-friendly online portal, backed by robust customer support.

  • Active Features
  • Custom Look and Feel
  • New User Customizable Sign up process
  • Custom Pages

Cloud and Secure

Leverage our secure online portal, fortified with stringent data verification controls, to safeguard your data. With our solution, your data not only remains secure but also becomes readily comparable, enabling you to articulate your impact story more effectively.

  • SSO Compatible (Single Sign On)
  • Security Controls and Activity Logs
  • Detailed Administration Levels and Approval Rights


From daily management to strategic oversight, our tool ensures businesses align with Sustainability, Corporate Citizenship, and Community objectives. We provide stakeholders with validated data, crucial for informed decision-making in internal impact matrix reporting.

  • Approval and Moderation Controls
  • GPS Location Reporting
  • Impact Charts